Business Values

We operate at all times with integrity and honesty...

Business Values

Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) primary goal is to make your business efficient, effective and accountable by putting your information in order.

We achieve this by:

Client and Customer Service:
IEA provides services to clients and customers to assist them realise the value of information through its management access and control.

  • Together we provide services to clients across state and local government, higher education and private industry. As qualified librarians, technicians and records managers we understand the challenges you face and know how we can assist you.
  • Everyone has their own key area of responsibility allowing us to devote our energy to those things we are passionate about.
  • Achieving a reputation for excellence, we are known in the industry as the people who provide quality services to fulfill client expectations.
  • More than anything else, IEA works with you to ensure projects are brought in on time and under budget. Now that's teamwork.

We feel there is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on, so we keep you informed throughout each stage of every process.

IEA works collaboratively with clients to provide specialist employment and recruitment services in library, records and information management. We monitor all services and review systems and services to ensure continuous improvement of services. In addition to our employment and recruitment services, Information Enterprises Australia also offers quality services across library, records and information management consulting, training and the provision of a number of key publications including the Australian Record Retention Manual.

We operate at all times with integrity and honesty in all its dealings and will not enter in to any business dealings where a conflict of business interest may arise.

Innovation and Change:
We know that you want the best solution to your problem. Working collaboratively with you, we offer you the best solution for you. With technology constantly changing, Information Enterprises Australia stays ahead by constantly researching, learning and putting into practice the solutions it has uncovered. Helping you move forwards faster and more efficiently.