Supplementing your team

Permanent or temporary additions to your team for project or ongoing requirements

“I wanted to thank you for all your time and effort in organising my filing. I very much appreciated the clear and concise way in which you helped me to gain a better understanding of my filing system.” National Rail

Supplementing Your Team

It can be difficult to find the right person at the right time with the right set of skills. It can be even harder to do so when you urgently need someone to cover your own personnel during absences from the office.

Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) can assist you with:

  • Fixed-term contract employees (when you just need an experienced person for a specific period of time)
  • Special projects or if you just need a spare pair of hands to help you get through those busy times
  • Recruitment of permanent employees including provision of industry experience on interview panels and development of selection criteria
  • Provision of coaching and mentoring services to new staff in the information management fields
  • Our Filing Fanatics Service (yes there are people who just love to do those jobs you don’t have time for).