Records Management Systems

Development of strategic and operation plans for business improvements

Business Consulting

IEA helps organisations improve their use of information, primarily through the analysis of existing business challenges leading to the development of strategic and/or operational plans for improvement. We do this through:
  • Business analysis;
  • Continuity planning;
  • Disaster Planning;
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Information governance;
  • Project management; and
  • Risk management;
  • Strategic planning for management of the information asset.

Information and Knowledge Management

The provision of information and knowledge management consulting services is one of the core business solutions offered by IEA. Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Strategic Planning for information and knowledge use and information and knowledge management;
  • Development of policies, procedures and guidelines for information and knowledge management;
  • Building information management models;
  • Assessment of information usage and management;
  • Management of information and knowledge to improve use and business outcomes; and
  • Management of information to comply with legislative and compliance requirements.

Records Management

To be helpful to an organisation, a records management system must meet the needs of the staff who are using it. In addition, the system must comply with the legal and operational requirements of the organisation.
Strategies adopted by an organisation for documenting its business activity should determine what records are required, and when, how and where they should be captured into records systems.

Implementation strategies for compliant records management systems may include:
  • Converting records to new records systems, formats and controls;
  • Designing records systems;
  • Determining retention periods and making decisions about records which have continuing value, in keeping with the regulatory environment;
  • Documenting records systems;
  • Setting standards and measuring compliance and performance against them; and
  • Training records practitioners and other personnel.

IEA can assist organisations in implementing records management systems by developing:
  • Business classification schemes and taxonomies;
  • Recordkeeping plans;
  • Retention and disposal schedules; and
  • Vital records and business continuity plans.