Quality Management

Quality assured Recruitment Agency, Training and Consulting

Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) is a registered employment agency that provides professional and personalised employment and consulting services to the library and records management industry in Western Australia.

The company's objectives are to:
  • Maintaining close and cooperative relationships with clients, registrants and contractors.  
  • Adhering to all current legislation, which forms the framework within which we operate.  
  • Providing employment and consulting solutions that support our clients’ business goals and objectives.  
  • Maintaining a register of professionals and para-professionals with specialised knowledge and experience in the library and records management field.  
  • Providing practical training and guidance to registrants and contractors.  
  • Monitoring and enhancing the services provided.
Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd is committed to continually providing superior and consistent quality employment and consulting services at competitive prices, which meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Adherence to this quality policy will ensure that we maintain a financially sound company that is recognised as Western Australia’s leading records management and library employment and consulting service.

To ensure that Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd meets these aims, the company has developed and will maintain an effective quality assurance system as part of the overall management plan. The ISO 9001: 2000 forms the basis of this quality system. The contents of the Quality Policy Manual describe how the company ensures that all client, contractor and registrant requirements are recognised, actioned, achieved and monitored within the guidelines.

Training will be provided to all employees of Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd to ensure that this quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels. This means that all employees will be seeking continual improvements to the company’s working procedures and practices.