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Issue 86 - Referees

- Tuesday, March 16, 2010
In the February edition of Information Overload for Registrants we looked at the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in relation to your work / job, including: •  ..Read More →

Issue 85 - CRM

- Thursday, February 18, 2010
I am going to start the February edition with a reminder about the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Customer Relationship Management is one of the key fundamentals for e ..Read More →

Issue 84 - Duties vs Job Descriptions

- Friday, January 22, 2010
Welcome to the first edition for 2010. We hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break and are already gearing up for what looks like a massive year. We hope you took the time to d ..Read More →

Issue 83 - Reviewing the year & Preparation for 2010

- Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Welcome to the last edition for 2009. Please note our offices will be closed from Christmas Eve and we will be returning on the 4th January 2010. Unfortunately we won’t be able to make ..Read More →

Issue 82 - Keys to successful hiring

- Thursday, September 24, 2009
As we continue to see the changes emerge from down-sizing, right-sizing, head-cutting and redeployments organisations are going through at the moment, there are some important things to reme ..Read More →

Issue 81 - Marketing- reports statistics newsletters

- Monday, August 24, 2009
Carrying on from last month’s edition on how we do our jobs, the August edition of the Employment Services Edition of Information Overload looks at how we market ourselves to our organ ..Read More →

Issue 80 - Processes and procedures

- Wednesday, July 29, 2009
The July edition of the Employment Services Edition of Information Overload is a little different. Rather than look at how to get a job and ways to ensure you keep it during tough economic t ..Read More →

Issue 79 - Web 2.0 and the future for Information Professionals

- Friday, June 26, 2009
The June edition of the Employment Services Edition of Information Overload takes a look at the future of our industry and asks – are we prepared? Are the organisations we work for ..Read More →

Issue 78 - Job Application Feedback

- Tuesday, May 26, 2009
If you have applied for a job recently, but did not receive an offer of employment, it is important to get as much feedback as you can. Feedback gives you the opportunity to make adjustments ..Read More →

Issue 77 - Is the look important or First impressions do count - A LOT

- Thursday, March 26, 2009
First impressions count. It shouldn’t matter – but we can and still do make huge assumptions based on what people look, sound and smell like. And in today’s tight job marke ..Read More →