The First 4 Minutes

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  • The First 4 Minutes

    The First 4 Minutes
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    • Understanding the Selection and Interview Process
    • Are you applying for positions but failing to reach the interview stage of the selection process?
    • Are you unsure what to write in your application?
    • Do you leave your application to the last minute and then wish you’d started sooner?

    There are many positions available in today’s job market. However, sometimes this can make life harder, not easier. Employers are looking for someone with the right mix of skills, experience and abiltiies.

    The question is – how do you make a good first impression on paper first?

    As you know, it is very easy to make a good impression in a face-to-face situation, sometimes it is not so easy if you cannot meet the person. In these cases, the only chance that you have is by leveraging yourself through a third party, format or medium. This can include employment agencies, your personal network (a friend of a friend is looking for someone who can …), electronic communications such as websites or words that you convey on paper. Those in the recruitment industry know that you have as little as 4 minutes to make your application stand out – for all the right reasons.

    The recruitment guide, The First 4 Minutes: Understanding the Selection and Interview Process takes you through the process, with the first part of the book focusing primarily on written communication.

    Every single piece of written correspondence you send out, says something about you. Whilst you may expect people to not “judge a book by its cover” people do, and this is even more important to consider when you are applying for a new job or position. If your application contains spelling and grammatical errors and does not fit with the required “look” of what the organisation expects, then the words you use are not important. If you cannot persuade the employer on paper that you are the best person for the job, then you will not be doing it in person. You will not get to the interview stage of the recruitment process.

    We offer practical suggestions to make your application stand out (for all the right reasons). We give you advice on how to create a new CV and how to answer selection criteria. You will learn how to use the information given by the employer to your advantage that will take you through to the next stage of the selection and interview process.

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