F is for Filing

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  • F is for Filing

    F is for Filing
    Price - AUD $14.95

    A simple guide to managing and storing necessary information for individuals and small business;

    Based on the Keep It Simply Sorted principles, this simple filing solution and HOW TO guide gives hints, tips and suggestions on which files you need to create, how long you should keep the information for and when you can legally throw it all away. Most people keep pieces of paper – be they letters, invoices, insurance policies, infringement notices, payslips, legal documents and taxation forms just in case they need them again.

    The problem that always arises, in having kept them Just in Case, is:

    How do I find it when I need it?

    F is for filing is a simple, how to guide that helps you organise your home office or small business office. If you have ever wondered how to create a simple, easy to use filing system for your home or business office, if you would like to know how to manage and organise your information so you can find it again when you need to, then this simple filing solution will work for you. 

    If you would prefer not to order online, you can email admin@iea.com.au 



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