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Records and Information Management Training

Would you like to improve your organisations capabilities? Information Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd (IEA) specialises in Records and Information Management training courses. Records and Information Management provide a sound background to all areas of business processes and workflow. Our training courses cover a wide range of information management disciplines which include (but are not limited to): 
Classification and indexing of business records
Learn how to classify and index business records
Developing a business classification scheme
Learn the methodologies used to develop keywords and descriptors, the interview process and data collection
Developing a retention and disposal schedule
With record keeping and the retention and disposal of business records, knowing what to keep and what to throw away is becoming more important than ever. With poor record keeping becoming a litigious and costly process. This can be offset with the development of a retention and disposal schedule. If you would like to develop a retention and disposal schedule for your business records we would love to see you.
Disaster preparedness for records managers
How do you plan and prepare for a disaster or an emergency situation striking your organisation? What do you need to do to ensure that the information essential to the survival of the organisation is available quickly? 
EDRMS training techniques
Providing practical tips and techniques in the development and delivery of EDRMS training programmes

Practical approaches to developing an information governance program

Information governance is a key management issue for information practitioners and their organisations. There are numerous and sometimes conflicting views on what it is, what steps need to be taken to improve it and who needs to own it. Even though there is a greater awareness of information governance today, we may still be at a loss to know what it is or what needs to be done about it. As an information manager, you can have a role in information governance. So, what do you need to do? 

Introduction to records management and record keeping basics
Learn the concepts and practices of good records management

Marketing records management to your organisation
When organisations are looking at ways to streamline their funding, it is important for us - as Records Managers and Information Professional to know how to market ourselves. 

Understanding change management issues is an essential part of working in the Records Management profession at the moment. Part of any successful implementation is knowing how to get key stakeholders on board, and keeping them there. Today's course looks at the importance of Marketing as part of the Records Managers armoury, and you will be able to develop an awareness and understanding of how marketing can become one of the most important aspects of a successful records management programme.

Policy writing for information managers
This one day course has been designed specifically to assist you, the information manager, to hone your knowledge and skills in developing sound organisational policies and guidelines. As well as presenting you with some background information on the theory of policy development, you will also be provided with  a wide range of hints and tips aimed at helping you write clear and practical policy documents.

Retention and disposal of business records
Develop an awareness and understanding of the concepts of, and reasons for effective retention and disposal of business records. 

Strategic Planning: Plan and deliver: The where, what and how of planning for your information services
Planning future directions for your information service not only clearly defines your direction and focus, but also promotes your service to the wider organisation and decision-makers. It can be instrumental in making the role and value of your service more visible. 

If you have wondered about the value of planning to your information service, and would like to know more about developing a strategic plan, come and join this interactive and practical session. We will discover that there are real benefits to you setting off down the path of strategic planning. We will learn how to develop, resource and implement a plan and how to measure your success.

All of our Records and Information Management training courses can be customised to your needs and delivered in-house. For more information please contact Information Enterprises Australia on 08 9335 2533.