Client Inductions - Are they necessary?

In addition to IEA's own safety and health induction, you may be required to undertake the host employer's induction program. In some cases, you will not be allowed onto site unless you have undergone a site-specific induction. The client has a duty of care as the "host employer" to ensure your safety whilst on their premises. The form of the induction will depend upon the industry sector you have been asked to undertake work with.

Resource Sector: Mine sites and industries on the Kwinana Strip insist that all contract employees undergo both a KIC or MARCSTA induction, as well as the site-specific induction. Both the KIC and MARCSTA courses are supplied by outsourced organisations. You will be expected to sit a test, and on successful completion of the course you will be given an ID card that verifies that you have undertaken and successfully completed the training. Only when you have completed this course will you be allowed to undertake the site-specific course for each site that you visit. This is compulsory and you will not be allowed onto site until you have completed this.

Other sectors: The induction you will be expected to undertake in a typical organisation varies depending on the company or organisation.

You should be advised of the following:

  • What the job involves.
  • The host employer's health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Safe work methods and use of equipment.
  • Potential hazards and what the host employer has done to remove or control them.
  • The use of personal protective equipment.
  • Supervision and training.
  • The workplace's consultative processes for occupational safety and health.
  • What you should do if you are injured at work.
  • How to report incidents, injuries, near misses and generally unsafe work practices.
  • First aid procedures.
  • Emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Safety signage in the work area.